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Our Top Ten Essential Oils

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

There are dozens of essential oils and, when artfully blended together, these can make hundreds of different essential oil blends.

But we have our favorites just as you may also! Here are our Top Ten essential oils:

· Frankincense. Frankincense has been used and traded for more than 6,000 years. Today this versatile essential oil has many health uses including improving cellular function. Use frankincense topically and aromatically to relax, lift your mood and enhance awareness.

· Lavender. A calming influence, lavender essential oil can soothe both emotions when used in a diffuser and skin when smoothed on topically.

· Lemon. Nothing freshens more than the clean, fresh scent of lemon. Lemon essential oil can support respiratory function, neutralize odors and cleanse the body when taken internally.

· Peppermint. Combine peppermint and lemon essential oils for a cool, refreshing mouth rinse. Inhaling peppermint essential oil can increase alertness and even cool you down when misted over the body.

· Tea Tree. Tea tree essential oil can cleanse and reinvigorate your skin, scalp and hair. Even your skin, nails and toenails can benefit from a topical application after bathing or working out.

· Oregano. Get a natural boost to your immune system with oregano essential oil. Taken internally, this essential oil can support your respiratory system and promote and clean your GI system.

· Deep Blue®. This essential oil blend provides soothing and cooling comfort when applied during a massage. Deep Blue® essential oil blend can ease sore muscles after a day at work.

· dōTERRA BREATHE®. The dōTERRA BREATHE® respiratory essential oil blend can promote feelings of easy breathing and clear airways when applied topically to the chest or when diffused or added to a humidifier.

· DIGESTZEN®. To soothe occasional stomach discomfort or to support healthy digestion, take DIGESTZEN® essential oil. This blend can also help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

· dōTERRA ON GUARD®. To increase your natural defense system and boost your immunity, gargle with dōTERRA ON GUARD® or use in your home diffuser. You can even use this blend to clean doorknobs, phones and other shared items.

Make an appointment so we can show you how these top essential oils can enhance both your life and your health!

Let Us Show You How Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Wayne Leiss, certified Essential Oil Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist, uses essential oils and massage therapy to promote natural healing and balance. We are happy to see individuals and groups in our Danbury, CT location as well as in-office settings. Please make an appointment at our website – our hours are very flexible to fit your schedule.

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