Wayne Leiss, LMT, CAO, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and Massage Therapist

Are you ready to become adventure-bound? The opportunities are limitless! 

I developed Adventures in Connection to help you get back into a positive relationship with yourself through touch, oils, and words. It can — and should be — the greatest adventure of your life!

It is possible to feel better than you do right now. At the root of all dis-ease, is a lack of connection: to your body, to your self, to your purpose, to your life. Get back into a relationship with yourself. Pack your bags, leave your baggage behind and become adventure-bound!

An Adventure in Connection is unique to each of us. Sometimes it takes the form of a healing touch, sometimes self-discovery, and for others its impacting the greater good through your grace. I offer you a look at each of these connections: healing, discovery, and impact. 

I've been fortunate to be able to travel the world. My journey has been both in miles and in insight. I'm completely honored and humbled to be able to integrate my love of every journey, both interior, and exterior, with the healing properties of essential oils, massage, and coaching. Join me on an Adventure in Connection to your healthiest and happiest self.

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At the root of all dis-ease is a lack of connectionto your body, to your self, to your purpose, to your life



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4/20 - I'm joined by Adam Barralet - one of Australia's premier spiritual teachers, adept at working with crystals, essential oils, animal guides tarot and astrology.

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If you missed my interview with Pleasant DeSpain on 4/13 here is the direct link to the replay.

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Wayne Leiss

Wayne Leiss, LMT, CAO, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and Massage Therapist

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Wayne's professionalism and expertise allow me to relax, sink into the massage table and escape the stresses of the outside world for a time.

- Joseph 

Wayne Leiss | dōTERRA Wellness Advocate & Massage Therapist | Danbury CT

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