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Adventures in DISCOVERY 

Wayne Leiss adventure

All about 

Adventures in Discovery...

You may seek health or enlightenment. Perhaps you are an educator who wants to learn more. Maybe you just need a fun night out with friends.

Whatever adventure you wish to achieve, I can help. All my classes will nurture the Mind, Body, and Spirit with skills, tricks, and tips to achieve the adventure of living a life connected to yourself and those around you.

Workshops are designed for groups or individuals and if you prefer, I can work with you to create an entirely new experience.

After all, you are your greatest adventure. Discover yourself.

Ready for your Adventure in Discovery? 

Let’s connect today to learn more.


Workshop Offerings 

All classes can be done in person or virtual unless otherwise noted

for Adventurers

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Adventures in Oils 

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Essential Oils

Made Easy

Whether you are taking essential oils internally, enjoying the aromatic benefits, or applying topically, essential oils empower individuals to naturally maintain their health and the health of their family. Learn which oils should be part of your daily routine, how to apply oils, and even unique ways to use oils to optimize your desired results. 

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Adventures in Renewal 

man applying essential oil to his crown chakra

Emotional Transformation

with Essential Oils

Our emotional health greatly affects our physical health, such as hormonal balance and energy to function day-to-day. In this workshop we will walk through a program of applying specific essential oils to acupuncture points to remove common blockages. We will help address overwhelm, fears, self-esteem, clarity, and personal power. This is an experiential class, and we will be applying oils to our bodies. At the end we will make a blend to continue the work over the next two weeks. (in person only)

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Adventures in Play


DIY classes

These in person classes are designed for the season, occasion, or theme desired. (e.g. The 12 Sprays of Christmas, Father’s Day Gifts, Seasonal Roller Ball Blends.)

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Adventures in Wellbeing


Hell Yes! Living in Your Flame and Not Your Wax

Are you busy but lack a feeling of accomplishment? Are there parts of your life (professional or personal) where you lack fulfillment? Is your flame barely flickering and not burning brightly? In this workshop we will begin to define our values and learn to make decisions based on them. We will discuss techniques for turning down “opportunities” that are not a HELL YES! Let’s move forward with clarity, purpose and intention, choosing to live in our flame! 

for Practitioners

storage box containing bottles of essential oils

Up-Level Your Business with Essential Oils

Up-level your Business with Essential Oils
Health Care Professionals — Learn how you can up-level your clients’ experiences while boosting your bottom line.


Symphony of the Cells™ Class

Learn the answer to the questions: What is SOC™? How do I use SOC™ in my practice? And what are the benefits for my clients? We will also demonstrate one of the 18 SOC™ applications during the class.

for Organizations

storage box full of essential oil bottles

Other Classes Available
- Essential Oils of the Bible
- Essential Oils and Kids
- Essential Oils for the Elderly
- Essential Oils and Emotions
- Make-and-Take Classes (Group DIY classes)
- TLC for Your Immune System

Seasonal Classes with tips on how to use Essential Oils for each season.

People Working in Open Office

The Workplace Today

In today’s workplace there can be employees who are disconnected from their bodies, their teams, their jobs. This leads to burnout, low productivity, bad office culture, and more sick days. Let me design a workshop to help employees bring their best to work every day. All workshops can be customized based on the organization’s needs and objectives.

Colleagues Working Together

The Workplace Tomorrow

​Any adventurer-level class can be tailored for your organization


Classes can be tailored for specific professions (e.g., Essential Oils for Realtors, Teachers, Athletes, or Dentists)

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