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MAssage Mission

My goal is to assist my clients in improving their health and well-being using various massage techniques and modalities.  On-going study will allow me to continue to learn various techniques and alternative modalities that can be incorporated into work with clients.

Having spent 28 years in banking and IT dealing with the continued pressures of corporate culture and regulatory scrutiny, I bring a depth of understanding of the stress associated with these types of positions.  I offer an opportunity for clients to de-stress in a relaxing environment allowing them to bring balance into their lives.

A priority is placed on meeting the client where they are at the time of the session.  While a general treatment plan may be laid out for a client in advance, individual treatments are tailored for the client on a session by session basis.  Appointments are booked in two hour intervals allowing for ample time between clients and for the opportunity of extending a session if requested by the client during the massage.

~ Wayne Leiss

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