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Start Your Next Adventure Now

I invite everyone to join with me in our next adventure.

Admittedly, I have a small head start. I have been working for several months on my website redesign, which features a fresh look and many pages of new information about what massage therapy, essential oils and individual coaching can do for you.

You can catch up with me, though, starting at noon on Tuesday, March 23, with the launch of my new webcast series Living Lives. I will be live on my Facebook page to highlight the connections we all have with each other and within ourselves.

Living Lives grew out of a Facebook challenge that I participated in back in January. I found that I enjoyed the medium, was told that my interview style was easy-going, and that visitors enjoyed the various guests. The new series will consist of episodes 20- to 30-minutes long.

The first one will be all about the relaunch of my brand. The new webcast will also include guests who have made a difference in the world and others who can offer ways to connect with ourselves through meditation, Emotionally Focused Therapy and many other methods.

Please browse the all-new website to find out more about what I offer and how you can get the most out of a natural and healthy approach to life. Then tune in to my weekly webcast every Tuesday at noon.

Of course, you can contact me any time to schedule the beginning of your next adventure.

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