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How To Boost Your Health - And Popularity - With Essential Oils

Up With People Reunion, The Netherlands 2019

Everywhere I go in the world, I find people I can help with essential oils. It makes me happy to be so useful.

I recently spent six days in the Netherlands for a reunion of a group called Up With People that I toured with years ago. (That’s the international organization that sends young people around the globe to entertain with song and build communities with service.) The cast I joined during 1987 and 1988 has gotten together for several reunions in the U.S., so we decided it was time to meet in Europe.

About 30 of us, counting spouses, met near Amsterdam and picked up where we left off. We also biked, hiked, toured a Trappist Brewery, Efteling Amusement Park and ate a lot of great food. I was already friends with everyone in the group, but I believe I was the most popular member by the end of the trip.

That’s because I brought with me my travel kit of 10 base oils -- partly because I am eager to show off the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils wherever I go, and in part because I wanted to be prepared for emergencies. Over several days, I put them to use several times.

At the welcome barbecue, one of the cooks suffered a small burn on her arm. I applied a few drops of lavender oil to ease the pain, cleanse the area and bolster her immune system. What would have been a second-degree burn was a minor blemish by morning.

My friends traveled from across Europe and the U.S., Israel and Costa Rica. One of them arrived with a budding migraine, and I administered a drop of frankincense on her temple and she rubbed the back of her neck with peppermint. She felt herself relaxing in both body and spirit, and by that evening was ready to enjoy the vacation pain free.

On a hike of a local park, I unwittingly rubbed against a stand of stinging nettles. As you may know, the plant’s leaves release an acid for protection. We were able to reduce the burning and itching sensation, though, by gently treating with the oil blend called Onguard, which cleanses and supports healthy immune function and then applying lavender to soothe the irritated skin. Within minutes the area looked and felt good as new. (A few of us rubbed melaleuca into insect bites and on small abrasions after the hike, and Deep Blue on our sore muscles too.)

After an afternoon of long walks and bike rides, I passed around the bottle of lemon oil. A few drops in some water is invigorating and, along with a shower, readied me for the dinner party.

The next day, a couple of us found our stomachs felt a little queasy from the night of indulgence. No one wanted to slow down, though, and they looked to me. I pulled out the bottle of DigestZen. Again, a few drops on the tongue got us ready for a full day with a bright outlook.

Although a few drops each of lavender, frankincense and DigestZen might be good for hangovers, we don’t party quite as hard as we used to, and there was no call for that remedy on this trip.

It was a great vacation packed with friendship and sight-seeing. I’m already looking forward to the next reunion, and wherever it may be, I will bring my travel kit of dōTERRA oils. I realized I enjoyed being the go-to guy in the group.

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