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Do You Know How Essential Oils Work?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

It may seem mysterious, but there is real science behind the effectiveness of essential oils.

Essential oil therapy, also called aromatherapy, is a variety of therapies that uses essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds to improve your health or mood. Essential oils come from raw vegetable material and are produced using water or steam distillation, or even dry distillation. A therapist will apply them using various methods such as topical, inhalation or through massage.

How Essential Oil Therapy Works

For inhalation therapy, the oils are sprayed into the air with a diffuser container, spray or oil droplets. The oils can also be inhaled in a steam bath.

When the essential oils are inhaled, the olfactory system is stimulated. This part of the brain connects to smell via the nose and the brain. Molecules of the oils enter the body through the nose or mouth and, moving through the lungs, pass on to other parts of the body.

Reaching the brain, the essential oils molecules affect the limbic system. This system concerns your mood and instinct and controls basic instincts such as fear and pleasure along with drives like hunger and maternal instincts.

Essential oils are not applied directly to the skin, but when diluted with a carrier oil can be used for massage oils and skin care products. Massaging the area with essential oils can increase absorption and boost circulation.

Aromatherapy Can Help

Essential oil therapy is complementary. That means that, while it will not cure problematic conditions or diseases, the therapy can support conventional treatments.

Based on the type of essential oil and its application, aromatherapy may relieve many problems. Among these are:

· Nausea

· Body aches

· Pain

· Symptoms of cold or flu

· Circulation

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Fatigue

· Headaches

Generally, essential oils must not be ingested. Please consult a trained professional like Wayne Leiss before using. We use quality dōTERRA essential oils.

Intrigued? Let us show you what essential oils can do for you! Please contact us at our website to learn more.

Let Us Show You How Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Wayne Leiss, Certified Essential Oil Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist, uses essential oils and massage therapy to promote natural healing and balance. We are happy to see individuals and groups in our Danbury, CT location as well as in office settings. Please make an appointment at our website – our hours are very flexible to fit your schedule.

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