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Blended Essential Oils Designed for You

In our last informational blog, we talked about lavender oil, a very powerful essential oil that on its own has many healing and fragrance properties. But lavender oil also works well with many other essential oils such as cardamom, frankincense and rose.

Blending essential oils is an art, but it is also a science that requires knowledge and skill. dōTERRA has created 6 special blends that can help address your emotional wellbeing at any time.

Each proprietary blend is named for its aromatherapy benefits; for example:

· Motivate – an encouraging blend. If you are at a difficult point in your career or personal relationship, Motivate’s blend of mint and citrus essential oils can help you restart, unleash your creative powers and believe in yourself again.

· Cheer – an uplifting blend. Citrus and spice essential oils can chase the blues to brighten your day.

· Forgive – a renewing blend. This blend of tree and herb essential oils can help you forgive, forget and move on, which is liberating as you release anger and guilt.

· Console – a comforting blend. Console helps you release your sadness if you have lost someone or something you love. Its floral and tree essential oil blend can help start you on a path to emotional healing.

· Passion – an inspiring blend. Passion can help you regain your appetite for life and all its pursuits, from work to hobbies. You’ll rediscover joy for all your blessings with this blend of spice and herb essential oils.

· Peace – a reassuring blend. With floral and mint essential oils, Peace can ease your anxiety, help you slow down and reconnect with the inner you.

Each of these blends can be applied topically when added to a carrier oil for a calming, reinvigorating massage. Their benefits are also available via aroma when added to a water or air diffuser.

Let Us Show You How Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Wayne Leiss, Certified Essential Oil Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist, uses essential oils and massage therapy to promote natural healing and balance. We are happy to see individuals and groups in our Danbury, CT location as well as in office settings. Please make an appointment at our website – our hours are very flexible to fit your schedule.

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