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Oil & Paint Class collage

Let's Play...

Surge capacity is our natural ability to rise to a crisis.  Our adrenalin kicks in, and we have a burst of natural energy that can get us through the crisis.  However, this capacity is limited and needs to be recharged. 

One of the ways to recharge our Surge Capacity is to play.  Stuart Brown says that “The opposite of play is not work.  The opposite of play is depression.”

To this end my friend Jen and I developed a fun, exciting class called Creating Intention with Essential Oils and Paint.  Sheila described the class as: “[I felt] inspired, relaxed, recharged and connected to nature and each other!”  Karen says it was: “Creatively transportive, deeply relaxing, uplifting, fun!”

Two classes on Thursday, July 22nd at a private home in Norwalk, CT at 3:00 & 7:00pm.  $60 fee includes all paints, supplies and essential oils.  Participants just need to bring their openness, willing spirit and painting clothes.  They will take home their own 12”x12” painting, a special bottle of essential oil created just for them, a happy heart and maybe even some new friends.  No previous painting experience needed.

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