Wayne Leiss | doTERRA Wellness Advocate & Massage Therapist | Danbury CT

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     Current Monthly Specials

Product of the Month: Hinoki 5 mL


- Hinoki has a refreshing, relaxing aroma for those moments when life feels overwhelming and you just need an escape. 

- Hinoki provides a comforting massage after a long day so that you can prepare for whatever life throws your way tomorrow. 

- Soothing to the skin, Hinoki oil is the perfect addition to your 2020 skincare routine. 


When you place a 125 PV LRP order by January 15, a free 5 mL bottle of Hinoki will automatically be added to your order.


10% off Slim & Sassy Softgels (90 ct.)


- Promotes a healthy metabolism* to help you keep up with your weight management goals this year.

- Helps manage hunger cravings* for those moments when you find yourself reaching for snacks out of boredom.

- Calms the stomach and lifts the mood on days when you feel upset or discouraged.


All month long, enjoy 10% off Slim & Sassy® Softgels. 


30% off dōTERRA Game Changer Kit


- Use Deep Blue® Rub as part of a soothing massage after strenuous activity.

- Take a drop of Copaiba in the morning to support your cardiovascular system.*

- Place a drop of Peppermint in your palm and inhale before starting your workout for an extra burst of energy.


30% off dōTERRA Sweet Dreams Kit

-Add a drop of Roman Chamomile in your bath to unwind before going to bed

-Diffuse Bergamot in your bedroom before going to sleep to create a calming, uplifting atmosphere

-Take a dōTERRA Serenity® Softgel every night before bed for refreshing sleep*

-Rub Calmer™ on the bottoms of your kids’ feet at bedtime to quiet restlessness

Kickstart Your Wellness


Start 2020 with everything you need to live a natural lifestyle.  

Get started with doTERRA® in just three easy steps. 

Earn 100 points to redeem for free products. 


Enroll in January and place a 100 PV order, place a 100 PV loyalty order in February, and get 100 free points!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.