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Try our unique harmony of essential oils and massage - tailored to your specific needs.

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Do you enjoy the smell of spring flowers in bloom? Then you have already experienced the aromatic benefits of essential oils.

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Wellness Education

Learn about the uses and applications of essential oils in our wellness education programs.

Working With Oils & Coaching

The Steps I Take...

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An Education in Oils

People are attracted to essential oils for a variety of reasons: They smell wonderful, many have a history back to ancient times, and they are a natural way to address health.

But they don’t do any good if they remain in the bottles on your shelf. That’s what tends to happen if you are not educated about the properties of each oil and how to use it.

I spend time talking to you about your health questions, from bumps, bruises and sore joints to headaches, lack of sleep or a general feeling of “dis-ease.” Then I can match you with the right oils and teach you the best way to administer them, whether it is directly on the skin, diffused in the air, or taken internally.

I schedule regular classes on how to use oils, and I will meet with you individually if you prefer. I will also ask you to complete a Vitality Assessment Form (LINK). You can sample the oils before ordering and after we customize your own wellness plan, I will offer continuing support and education as you make essential oils part of your life.

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