Adventures in Healing 

“If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask one’s self if he/she is ready to do away with the reasons for their illness.  Only then is it possible to help them.”

- Hippocrates


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Adventures in Healing...

Together we create a unique experience based on your individual needs.  As a Certified Essential Oil Coach and Symphony of the Cells™ educated professional, I work with you to develop a plan that will help support your body systems and maintain optimal health using dōTERRA Essential Oils and Symphony of the Cells™ applications. I blend multiple massage styles to address relaxation and offer overall wellness massage.

The Way I Work 

Different Tools, Techniques & Modalities I Use


Adventures in Connection (AIC) grew from my belief that the root of all dis-ease is a lack of connection. A lack of connection to your body, to your self, to your purpose, to your life.  AIC provides the support men need to get you back into a positive relationship with themselves through connection with touch, oils, and words. AIC provides education on the use of Essential Oils and how to integrate them into life to support and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Basic Reflexology, Chair Massage, and Symphony of the Cells™ Applications and Aromatherapy.

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What distinguishes your company?

My extensive travels and 28 years of corporate experience have given me the experience needed to guide men toward a better connection with themselves. This, in turn, will allow them to develop and stand true to their individual purpose, thus bringing closer connections with family, friends, business contacts and the world in general.


Together we can develop a purpose and take steps toward fulfilling it. Massage, meditation and essential oils are woven together to design a program unique to each individual, allowing my clients to reclaim their lives, become connected with themselves, and then with the rest of the world.


An Education in Oils

People are attracted to essential oils for a variety of reasons: They smell wonderful, many have a history back to ancient times, and they are a natural way to address health.

But they don’t do any good if they remain in the bottles on your shelf. That’s what tends to happen if you are not educated about the properties of each oil and how to use it.

I spend time talking to you about your health questions, from bumps, bruises and sore joints to headaches, lack of sleep or a general feeling of “dis-ease.” Then I can match you with the right oils and teach you the best way to administer them, whether it is directly on the skin, diffused in the air, or taken internally.

I schedule regular classes on how to use oils, and I will meet with you individually if you prefer. I will also ask you to complete a Vitality Assessment Form (LINK). You can sample the oils before ordering and after we customize your own wellness plan, I will offer continuing support and education as you make essential oils part of your life.

Why dōTERRA?  Want to learn more?

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How to Get Oils

There are two ways to get dōTERRA Essential Oils into your life

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Become a wholesale customer and bring the natural power of Essential Oils into your home

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Join the team as a wellness advocate to earn a little extra income or develop and lead your own team 

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Top 3 reasons to become a Wholesale Customer

- Save 25% on all purchases
- Earn 10-30% back on Loyalty Rewards Orders, plus opportunity for free product
- Ongoing Education and Support

The most cost-effective way to begin your Essential Oil Journey is with an enrollment kit.  Here is one of my favorites.


1-1 Massage Work

Massage and Coaching to Improve Fitness

Aches and pains often motivate people to seek massage as a therapy, and the many types of massages can quickly address a sore muscle after a day of physical work or a cranky neck caused by stress.

However, to ensure that massage provides a long-term solution, we will develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs. 

When you visit for the first time, you will complete a personal assessment of your goals, aches and pains, and activities. That information will become the basis of a treatment plan.

I practice these major types of massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Basic Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, and Heat Therapy, supported with stretching and essential oil treatments. We will discuss the four levels of massage: Air (energy work over the skin); Hair (light calming and barely touching the skin); Skin (typical Swedish style); and Bone (deep tissue).

I place a priority on discussing your needs and creating a plan tailored to you. In addition, I tailor individual treatments on a session-by-session basis. 

Your plan will help you feel more relaxed, boost your immunity to illness, and reduce stress and physical pain.


SOC Work 

Symphony of the Cells


Symphony of the Cells™ are essential oil applications developed by Boyd Truman and designed to help anyone bring harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the body. The applications were created with the knowledge that every condition is connected to a body system. Each application takes a focused approach, addressing a specific body system and targeting the underlying causes and symptoms of various conditions. The applications incorporate pure, tested-grade essential oils and utilize a layering technique.

Contact me to start the greatest journey of your life

– back to yourself. 

Services & Pricing



60 minute session 


                       30 minute add on                     $55/each

Package of 5 – 60 minute sessions       

$480 (buy 4 get one free - $120 savings)

Refer new clients and everyone wins – new client gets $20 off their first massage, you get $20 off your next massage after completed new client booking

             Outcall fee            


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Symphony of the Cells

Application Session

    Stand Alone includes consultation    

      Add on to Massage Session        



Hug Therapy

30 minute session


Wayne Leiss | dōTERRA Wellness Advocate & Massage Therapist | Danbury CT

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